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30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas

To me, this is the painting I want to gaze at when I need to dig deep and make things happen. It inspires action, whether physical or creative. This is the Get Stuff Done painting for your office or anywhere you need a visual motivator or just the confident calm to make things you might not think are possible happen on a grand scale. It radiates quiet confidence and subdued excitement.

Petrichor is made of many layers and textures, it’s engaging from a distance and up close you’ll find a new and interesting areas every time you look. It’s painted using only Payne’s Grey, Red Oxide, Indian Yellow and white.

It can be displayed with or without a frame. It ships unframed, ready to hang. Varnished to preserve and protect.

Here’s a video to better see the texture and glossy finish of Petrichor. Be sure to go full screen!

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Petrichor abstract artPetrichor