Broken Moon


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20 x 24, acrylic, metallic paint and found objects on hardboard

This painting is inspired by the aged look of weathered objects and visible history of textures. Bumps, dents, rust, scratches, and brushstrokes show the journey of the artist and the history of the painting – the patina of the process. This painting is a very deconstructed circle made of refuse and searching for completion. One person has described it as being so earthy it looks space aged. Broken Moon is encased in a one-of-a-kind weathered barn wood frame.

The broken circle is constructed from a wooden disk of some sort found on a walk. I created patina and enhanced the texture with metallic paint and acrylic. The disk heights vary from .25 to around 1.5 inches off of the textural hardboard base.

Broken Moon ships framed. Varnished to preserve and protect. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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