How art goes

I don’t know what I’m doing half the time but I’m going to keep doing it. I’ve been a stranger with white, but I’m making friends with it and all it’s luscious subtlety (I can’t leave a challenge). Now I start with the white and move on rather than trying to add white alone and on its own later. I love the green that ultramarine blue and Indian yellow make. It’s my bff, but only for accents. I’m still working on loosening up and being fearless. Whenever I get stuck or too in my head I say “f—- it!” And give it a big splotch of my most unlikely color. It’s a little crude but gets me in the right mindset. Doing that on about 10 paintings I didn’t like has lead me to these few that I do like. I’m excited about where these will lead.

Also, I’m feeling the parallels with abstract art and mountain biking 😆 when your on the edge of a big dip and your thinking “I can do this, right?!” Then you drop in and holy cow it’s fun and your heart is racing. When I ride and there’s a challenge I have the “you got this” and “strong, steady,smart” mantras on repeat in my head. I find myself doing the same with painting now. Unexpected!

Also, the song “like a River” gets me in the right mindset for either activity, like I’m one of Pavlov’s dogs. I highly recommend finding that song that makes you feel courage first and then I think creativity comes on its own to play.

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